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X-Men Shipping Questions...

Alright, so the X-Men movies seems to play with a lot of triangles. So, I just wanted to find out what X-Men couples people like best (because I am new to the online fandom and all). Just comment with answers and comments :D.

X-Men Shipping Questions

1. Favourite of:

a. Jean/Logan
b. Jean/Scott
c. None

2. Favourite of:
a. Rogue/Logan
b. Rogue/Bobby
c. None

3. Favourite of:
a. Bobby/Rouge
b. Bobby/Kitty
c. None

4. Overall favourite:
a. Logan/Jean
b. Logan/Rouge
c. Jean/Scott
d. Rogue/Bobby
e. Bobby/Kitty
f. None
g. Others (specify)

Thanks guys.
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